Penjor in Bali (english version)

Penjor is the symbolisation of Mt. Agung and as well the symbolisation of the presence of the God. It is constructed from a long bamboo pole with its curved end, and ornamented with rice paddies, corn on the cob, coco, cakes, a piece of white or yellow textile, and so on. These as a sign for reminding the human being that everything we relish in this Earth is from the God.

is commonly constructed on Penampahan Galungan (a day prior to the Galungan Day). It’s the symbolisation of Mt. Agung, and as well as gratitude for the farming produce. Mt. Agung is the symbolisation of sanctity as a connection to Mt. Semeru, Mt. Himalaya, or Mahameru, which is considered as the home where Bhatara Putra Jaya rests.

We can be blessed and celebrate for everything that we relish. But, the festivity must be based on dharma or holy Book. Happiness must always tend to the limits of moral philosophy, such as holding artwork performance, literature night, or sport activities, and so on.

We must leave the previous ways, which isn’t based on ‘susila’ teachings (rules of good conduct). And the actualisation of those actions must be based on desa (place), ‘kala’ (time), and ‘patra’ (situation). Find more Bali Information Here !

If you were in Bali on that day, you will amazed with the beautiful penjor decoration along the road at the village, so…..Enjoy your bali tour !


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