Bali Ecosocialtourism : Notable Spot ( 1)

Bali Ecotourism is always nice topic to talk about in Bali, what is Ecotourism ? We,ve heard of ecotourism, tourism and natural environment , which is stood apart like quarrelling brothers, turn out to be two factors that can combined beautifully. yes, this 2 factor can be one, I think should be added  with  Balinese culture ( Balinese communal life) factors too, Bali ecosocialtourism. Enjoy the beauty of Bali Nature and on the same time, you have opportunity experience traditional Balinese life and taking apart in their social activities. Here a spot to explore during this special Bali tours:

  • Tegalalang Rice paddies, walking through paddies field,  see the scenic rice terrace and learning the Balinese traditional irrigation system, known as ” Subak Systems” and later you can taking part in harvesting during harvest season , lunch served overlooking the rice paddies. see tours picture below :
  • Other spot coming soon…..

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