Bali Experience

Bali experience

Bali experience

Bali Island is well known as Island of the God, Morning of the world and many more……all tribute to the people, beautiful nature, stunning white sandy beaches, unique culture and Traditions, this have attracted many visitor from all over the world from decade.

Bali island located just 8 degree south of the equator, this island as part of Indonesia archipelago enjoys a tropical climate with two season in a year, but with high humidity levels during the hot wet season, rain can be expected at any time even during the dry season. The average temperature is 28 degree Celsius, Bali Island strecting 140 Km from east to west and 80 Km from north to south, capital city of Bali is Denpasar.

Bali is Adventure in many ways, travel to remote hidden place in Bali or simple enjoy Bali Tour to the most visited places in Bali island . Many Special Bali tour package available for you and don’t forget to try special Bali Activities here ! Rafting, Horse back riding , Elephant riding, Diving, Bali cruising and many more…….. the last is, keep you camera with you all the time and freeze the life time memorize !, explore bali tour with english speaking driver !

Bali island is so rich with in energy and rejuvenating powers for healing ability , experience all those thing in Bali and explore more your favourite activities and places here again and again , enjoy Bali, Have a nice Bali Tours !


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